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  • GAO Testimony: Critical Infrastructre Protection

    Newest GAO report on Cybersecurity of the Nation's Electrical Grid. "Given the increasing use of information and communications technology in the electricity subsector and the evolving nature of cyber threats, continued attention can help mitigate the risk these threats pose to the electricity grid." ​

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  • The five stages of a cyber intrusion

    When it comes to cybersecurity, the most egregious breaches often come down to human error, such as someone clicking on a link in a spoofed email. That’s why officials try to emphasize the importance of good cyber hygiene and educating the work force on best practices.

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  • Infrastructure Security Dirty Bombs: The Reality

    Recent reports regarding multiple sting operations in Moldova directed at smugglers who believed they were selling radioactive material to representatives of the Islamic State have once again generated wide interest in the threat posed by so-called “dirty bombs.” With the mainstream press doing their usual uneven job of reporting in a meaningful way on the threat posed, it behooves us, therefore, to take a few moments to talk about the reality as opposed to the hype.

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  • Kosovo hacker detained for giving U.S. troop data to Islamic State

    Police in Malaysia have arrested a Kosovo man alleged to have hacked into a U.S. company's database and extracted records on more than 1,300 federal and military employees, which he then gave to members of the Islamic State terrorist group

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  • Data dump suggests possible breach at Electronic Arts

    A post to Pastebin containing account details for Electronic Arts (EA) customers hit a little too close to home for one gamer, who found his email address, account password, and games list among the harvested data. EA has been told about the alleged leaked records, but the company hasn't made any official statements.

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Results: 118 Articles found.

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