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Infrastructure Protection

Policy and Procedure Review/Development 

We conduct a thorough analysis of existing policies and procedures within your organization, cross-walk against applicable Industry Standards, evaluate those policies and procedures against proven solutions, and assist you with crafting new policies and procedures that leverage “Best Practices” principles while enhancing your network/cyber asset configuration control and patch management.

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Vulnerability Assessments

We use a sound methodology, combined with a wide-ranging set of test tools, to provide a solid foundation for a successful VA and penetration test engagement. While it takes a certain level of skill to be able to effectively run the test tools, the tools are just there to assist the security analyst. It takes real-world knowledge and experience to be able to analyze the results and correctly interpret them in the context of the environment being tested. It is this exceptional knowledge and experience of our individual testers that will provide you with the real value-add – we don’t simply regurgitate the output of automated tools. Our goal is to provide real-world recommendations for mitigating detected vulnerabilities within the context of our customer’s environment.

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Penetration Testing

Our methodology is unobtrusive and utilizes an extensive suite of open source testing tools. We sustain our technical edge through research on the latest security issues, technologies, vulnerabilities and exposures, from which our experienced analysts develop tailored penetration tests.  Our testing approach provides you with an accurate assessment of your security issues and needs, allowing you to stay far ahead of individual hackers and organized cyber attack teams. 

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Insider Threat Analysis

We provide training of your personnel to make them aware of the potential (most times, inadvertent) threats they and those associated with your organization can pose to your operating environment. This training can be provided in multiple formats (on-site, webinar, web-based, and for both initial and sustainment training modes), and customized to your needs.

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Defense Service Provider (DSP)

We provide facilities and trained staff for 24/7 operations that give you round-the-clock peace of mind and monitoring of computer networks in order to defend against potential threats, attacks, and unauthorized use. When an attack is suspected or detected, we use our internal cyber test environment to confirm its nature and rapidly test a fix that can be distributed across the network, thus minimizing operational damage. As part of the DSP effort, we provide sensors (network monitoring hardware) which are physically emplaced and configured to provide information on your network to the DSP operations center. We also maintain a suite of host-based software applications used to monitor, detect, and counter attacks against computer networks and systems.

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Computer/Network/Mobile Forensics

We provide full spectrum system, network and media forensic analysis support. Our certified forensic personnel apply a wide range of internationally accepted tools, as well highly specialized proprietary capabilities. We support investigations from the evidence seizure phase through in-depth analysis of malware and presentation of evidence to support judicial or administrative proceedings. When required, we interface directly with law enforcement agencies at the local, state and federal levels, as well as international authorities.

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Training and Education 

We provide training for every echelon of security professional within an organization. This training can be provided in multiple formats (on-site, webinar, web-based, and for both initial and sustainment training modes), and customized to your needs.

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